Our Commitment


At WHI we understand relationships take time. Credibility is earned and trust is won. We have spent the last three decades seeking to build strong relationships with our customers and suppliers. When we give you our word, it means something. We intend to uphold our commitments in a timely manner, exceeding customer expectations, and strengthening client relations.


High standards of quality products are what bring customers back to WHI. Story after story can be told of why builders and contractors give return business to WHI. Quality, quality, quality. It is what we strive for. WHI believes if it is worth doing it is worth doing right; the first time.

Quality is something we talk a lot about, but we want you, the potential customer, to give us a try and let us prove to you that quality truly is what you receive when you receive WHI products.


If quality products are so valuable, what good is it to the customer if they can’t receive it on time. WHI knows that quality and service go hand in hand. You can’t have one without the other. From your Account Executive, to our customer service representatives, to paying your bill we want you to have an exceptional experience.

If for some reason we have not met or exceeded your expectations then we invite you to contact us. We desire to make things right. We want to earn your trust and build a strong working relationship.


What makes a good craftsman is the care he gives to the detail of the project at hand. What makes a good businessman is the detailed care he gives to his clientele. At WHI, we seek to be good craftsmen in the shop, and good businessmen/women in the office and on the field offering you, the customer, the utmost in care.

At WHI, we also acknowledge care is essential from start to finish. It is our desire to partner with suppliers who effectively assume the responsibility to care for our natural resources. Wasteful practices or misuse of materials are a result of improper stewardship. We seek to properly steward our supplies by repurposing and reusing wood debris to accommodate best environmental management practices. To us, it is not just about the products we offer, but the stewardship given to the resources put within our care.

WHI recycles well over a million pounds of wood residue annually, and has been awarded a Green Certification from Smith Creek. This certification is due to our participation in a wood recycling program, which WHI has been a part of for over the last twenty years. Smith Creek has been our long-standing partner in the effort to repurpose and reuse wood products for the stewardship and betterment of our environment. You may view our previous years certification below.

2021 Green Certification

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If you have any questions about the products and services we offer, our team would love to answer them. We services customers with product needs from simple DIY projects all the way to full trim & door house packages. Call us today at 270-789-1323 or send us a message and a customer service representative will be in touch shortly.