Stock & Custom Orders

To effectively offer such a wide variety of popular interior wood products, WHI has taken on five different expansion projects since our establishment in 1985. As the market has demanded more from its suppliers, we have sought to meet those demands by stocking a comprehensive selection of interior products. Custom orders vary with trends. We have changed old traditions to meet those trends, yet have still held to a high standard of quality craftsmanship.

Stock Orders

Stock orders consist of our most popular items. When you are on a time crunch it is our intention to have a full range of trending stock items ready for swift order fulfillment and delivery.


Stock mouldings range anywhere from the following:

These are just a few items WHI stocks. For a full selection of stock mouldings check out our Stock Mouldings Catalog.

Stair Parts

Stair components range from newels, balusters, handrails, risers, skirtboards and more. These items can be found stocked in wood, as well as iron to meet the high demands of their popularity. Check out all of our stair parts here.

Interior Doors

At any given point and time, we will have hundreds of interior doors that are ready to be hung and taken to jobsites for installation. Stock doors include hollow-core and solid-core, available in a variety of patterns and sizes. We have also sought to maximize the fulfillment of solid wood doors by stocking a variety of lengths and measurements of stiles, panels and rails. To browse a wide range of our door patterns, check out our Solid Wood Door Catalog.

Custom Orders

One may think the value of custom orders are that they are custom, unique, and special, but the downfall will be that they cannot be offered in the timely manner stock items are. However, at WHI we stive to make the turnaround on these items as timely and quick as stock orders. Check out Product Matching & Knife Tooling to see the process that is taken to service custom orders, and Optimal Turnaround & Expert Delivery to see all that goes into getting your order fulfilled and delivered on time.

Why Choose WHI?


We intend to uphold our commitments in a timely manner that exceeds the expectations of our customers. Peace of mind is what we desire for you when you entrust WHI for your interior needs.


Quality is something we talk a lot about, but we want you, the potential customer, to give us a try and let us prove to you that quality truly is what you receive when you choose WHI products.


At WHI we seek to be good craftsmen in the shop, and good businessmen/women in the office and on the field offering you, the customer, the utmost in care.


WHI knows that quality and service go hand in hand. You can’t have one without the other. From your Account Executive, to our customer service representatives, to paying your bill, we want you to have an exceptional experience.

Contact Us Today

If you have any questions about the products and services we offer, our team would love to answer them. We service customers with product needs from simple DIY projects all the way to full trim & door house packages. Call us today at 270-789-1323 or send us a message and a customer service representative will be in touch shortly.